Why Stick Built Homes are better than Block or Brick Homes


Stick built houses are better than brick/block house because of its economic and ecological alternative. Wooden homes are made from natural materials that are biodegradable and considered ecological.

Some countries build their houses mostly from woods, such countries as America and Australia. New Orleans homes are mostly built with woods, this is because of the so many advantages it offers.

Building homes with wood is much easier and faster to complete than concrete or brick/block homes. Actually it takes half the time of building homes with brick/block than it takes to build homes with wood, and the building process of woods has less negative environmental impact.

Building homes with wood often has so many health related advantages because woods are material that has no toxic substances unlike concrete or block houses. Building with wood is also a very quiet and clean construction method.

Do you know that timber homes are even more fire resistant than brick/block homes, this is confirmed according by the fire department. The timber buildings has the ability to support the building in times of fire incidents.

Building with wood requires less energy from the carpenters than building with bricks/blocks which requires more energy from the masons. This also makes labor cost lower than building with brick/blocks.

There are mobile wooden homes which are mounted in the factory and then transported to where they will be assembled for the owner to live in.

With wooden houses, you can build them very quickly and it’s often about 30% cheaper than brick/block houses. This makes it a better choice for some real estate investors, mostly in cities like New Orleans where most New Orleans homes are built out of wood.

In some European countries, wooden homes often last for up to 100 years whereas block houses last for just about 40 years. Every home owner will desire to have a house that will last for a very long time.

In terms of fire incidents like stated above, wooden houses are more resistant to fire outbreak. And even when the fire have succeed to catch the wood, it often burns very slowly thereby providing enough time to be put off.

In so many different ways, you will realize that wooden homes have a lot of advantages than brick/block houses that cannot be left unlooked.

A little advice for people who are thinking of going the route of using wood to build their homes is that whenever a tree is cut down to be processed before used to build homes, it should be replaced by planting another tree.

In so many different ways, wooden houses has more advantages than block/brick houses. However to make a decision on which one to go for when thinking of building a new house will be determined by the individual.

When looked at from all angles, building homes with wood requires way less materials than brick/block houses which requires one to use a lot of different materials.

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