Why there is no Release of Nokia 4?

Why Nokia Skipped Nokia 4? Even Oneplus and Vivo Also?

After the Succesful Launch of New Nokia 3310, Nokia is all Set to Launch Several new Devices in India. Nokia has Officially Confirmed that they are soon going to launch Nokia 3, 5 and 6 in Indian Market. All these Smartphones are the Mid-Range Smartphones which is Ready to Hit Indian Mobile Market.

All these Nokia Smartphones are Mid-Range Smartphone because they can’t deny the Fact that in India, These Mid-Range Smartphones has a Huge Sells. Even, It will not be a very hard task to Takeover Indian Market with Their Upcoming Devices.

However, Nokia Announced Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 but there is no Discussion about Nokia 4. So the Thing that confused me and so many others is that Why there is no Nokia 4? and Why Nokia Directly Jump to Nokia 5.Here I have some Reasons, Why Nokia has skipped Nokia 4.

Why there is no Release of Nokia 4?


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Here I have some Reasons, Why Nokia has skipped Nokia 4. If you Remember that Recently Oneplus also Skipped It’s Oneplus 4 and Launched Oneplus 3T Instead of Oneplus 4. Even VIVO has also Skipped V4 and Launched V5 after V3.

But What is the Reason Behind this? Let’s Check it out.

According to Some Leading Blogs and Magazines, Some of the Asian Countries such as China and Others believes that Number 4 is an Unlucky Number that Brings ill Luck or Bad Luck. It is called as Tetraphobia or The Fear of Four. According to Wikipedia in Chinese language, Number 4 (四; accounting 肆; pinyin ) is unlucky because It is Nearly homophonous to the word  “death” or “decease” (死 pinyin ).  Even many others Product lines Skipped the “4” Due to this. Oneplus’ 4, Vivo’s V4 are some of the Best Examples of this.

Some other Examples are Canon Powershot’s G Series, Which Skipped Fenix G4 after the Best Selling Fenix Watch G3 and Launched G5. Even in Hong Kong, Some High-Residential Buildings has Skipped Flours with Number 4 in It. That is the Reason why Many of Buildings with 50 Floors has only 35 Physical Floors.

So, If Nokia will launch Nokia 4, It maybe calls like Nokia Death which will not be a Good Idea for Any Flagship Smartphone. This is the Main Reason Behind the No release of Nokia 4.

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