Why you should definitely consider pursuing Big data analytics

BDA or Big Data Analytics is the study of humongous data sets to extract usable insights and behaviour patterns.

We are living at an age when 2.5quintillion bytes of data is being generated every day thanks to the growing use of smartphones, social networking platforms and digital services which has led to a boom in digital economies around the world.

Thus, companies competing in a digital space must get hold of enormous data sets and utilize Big Data Analytics for studying customer patterns, potential markets. Companies today are increasingly adopting Big Data as a result of which the field has turned out to be one of the most promising in the world!

If you are doubtful about BDA then here are the top reasons you must consider it-

  • Huge demand but low supply

Multiple studies suggest that more than 75% of business enterprises have already adopted Big Data but a big hindrance for such companies in utilizing big data efficiently is the fact that there are not enough skilled professionals in the field.

Even countries like US, Canada and UK are suffering from an acute talent gap and in fastest growing digital economies like that of Malaysia and India the gap is even bigger.

There are many reputed Big Data analytics courses available today both- offline and online and with the help of such a course you can easily take advantage of the situation.

  • Hefty salary and great opportunities

The average annual salary of a big data analyst in India is around 9K USD while in Malaysia it is above 10K USD!

According to PayScale a highly skilled professional in Big Data can also earn upwards of 22K USD in Malaysia at an average!

With top recruiters like Fusionex, Air Asia and Western Digital, both the salary and potential for growth is very high in Malaysia.

  • Stable and secure future

As digitalization and automation takes priority in almost every industrial sector it is important for job seekers to acquire in-demand technical skills. Big Data is one such technology which not only in-demand right now but also for a long time in the future as more and more companies both from the private sector and public sector adopts big data.

Hence, you should join any of the reputed big data analytics courses available today to take advantages of the trend and also make yourself future-ready at the same time!

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