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Search Engine Optimization or SEO as they call it is a process by which a website can be made to appear higher up on a search engine for the referred words and phrases on the website. This is done by carefully selecting relevant keywords and incorporating them in the website in line with the search engine algorithm so that they become prominent to be picked up to make the website visible sooner. They term it as quality control of the websites on a search engine.


Search Engine Optimization can be further categorized as on-page and off-page optimization. Off-line refers to its links given in other relevant websites whereas online is referred to the web page content and images.


A good and effective SEO campaign shall tap the maximum traffic in the search engine to your website. This is made possible with the help of keywords related to your business activities. It has been observed that two third of the surfers generally limit their search to the first page of the search engine. If your website can be listed on the first page itself for few selected keywords, you get more no of visitors. So it has a magnetic effect on the surfers. More and more people are ‘pulled’ to visit your website and thus more and more interest is developed in your products.  This subsequently leads to higher business activities.

The efficiency and effectiveness of SEO are measured in terms of no of clicks your website gets, quick marketing results, the volume of customer interaction and return on investment. Brand awareness and image building are additional benefits your business gets.

There are hundreds of companies doing search engine optimization India is having. The SEO business is almost one and a half decades old industry in India but in this short span only, this has grown and matured very well and earned a prominent position in the world market. JDM Web Technologies have a good pool of talent to handle your SEO requirements efficiently.

At JDM, people are aware of their responsibilities and know how to get results for you. Only making a good website or online advertising is not going to help you much unless it is aptly supported by SEO. There are some basic protocols you can look for to optimize your website.

  • If you use the keywords in the page title, chances are high that a search engine catches you faster. The page title gives you an identity and therefore it should incorporate the keywords.
  • The content of the web page has to be good enough to engage the visitor’s interest. JDM knows what your customers are interested in and accordingly, choose the content.
  • Back links should also be used but in relevant ways only.

You should be very cautious in selecting the best SEO source for you. As this is a very important decision for your business, you should know your requirements and explore sources meticulously. You should hire the best search engine optimization company India can boast of. JDM will take your business to a much greater height.


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