Windows 10 is spying you, Know How to stop it full guide

Windows 10 is spying you,  Know How to stop it full guide.

There is no argue, the launched of windows 10 has been a vast success and a win for Microsoft. It has been downloaded millions of times since its launched (Windows 10 launched on 20th July 2015)

Windows 10 has a huge upgrade from windows 7 and 8.

The only area of windows scared its user is “windows 10 privacy issues”

This is also no surprise because these days, eagle eyed on internet user is common from companies to government everyone wants to spy on internet users 😉

On the other side windows 10 have some issues that windows user should be aware of. Here is the full guide to everything windows 10 user should know about windows 10 privacy issues with solution.

After following this guide you will be able to secure yourself from windows 10 spying.


  1. Windows 10 is stealing your Bandwidth and using for other users.

First and most important point that windows 10 is actually stealing your bandwidth for that you are paying a lot.

The claim is, in windows 10 your bandwidth is obviously low, In order to update faster to other users more efficiently.

You will be surprise that windows 10 they have enabled it by default.

The operating system makes use of peer-to-peer technology to enable update other computer from your computer on its network, or with any computer in the world like torrents do.


Windows 10 is spying you, Know How to stop it full guide


If you are sharing updates with your local systems or local network, it may reduce using your bandwidth. On the other hand, sharing with other machines across the world may increase the uses of your bandwidth.


My windows 10 is eating internet bandwidth how to prevent it?

Here is the solution J

How to decrease uses of windows 10 bandwidth

Go to Start -> Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Update -> Advanced Options -> Choose how updates are delivered, and set Updates from more than one place to off.


  1. Microsoft is not only stealing your bandwidth even Browser History, Favorites, and passwords also.

Yes, Microsoft is stealing your bandwidth as well as Browser History, Favorites, and passwords also, wondering how? Let’s see

Actually, this feature is enabled since windows 8, and the catch is its not actually automatic sync, it will happen only in 2 conditions:

  1. Sign-in in windows 10 or 8 with your Microsoft account.
  2. Or you choose “EXPRESS-SETTINGS”

When you setup your windows machine for first time.

How to stop windows stealing your Browser History, Favorites, and passwords?

Go to Start > Settings > Accounts > Sync your Settings, and choose what features you want to enable or disable.



Windows 10 is spying you, Know How to stop it full guide

If you have fear with this feature or you are uncomfortable with it, just use a local account to login.

How to change an Existing Microsoft account to a local account ?

You can change Microsoft account to local account by clicking

Start > Settings > Accounts > Your account > Sign in with a local account instead, then following the instructions by windows.


NOTE: you need to keep in mind there are advantages also to keep login from Microsoft account like it will keep synced all your data on your online account, and if you signed in with other devices you will get the same in that rather than setting up everything again.


  1. Wi-Fi Sense is sharing your password Automatically

Is this a lie? Yes, first thing, it’s an opt-in feature, that means you need to turn it on yourself. Second thing is, even if you are enabling it your password is never shared with anyone.


Windows 10 is spying you, Know How to stop it full guide


Again, this is not actually new feature of windows 10. Yes it was on windows Phone 8.1 last year also. It actually let you decide or allow you, whether you want ot share your Wi-Fi login Information with your contacts when you are logging in first time to given network.


Advertisers are able to identify you with Ease

Its said that there is no such thing as a free lunch, and windows 10 is free with this much of features. They must be doing something for money, right?


Well, yes or no. windows 10 is generating a unique ID for each of their user on every device (as windows 8 and 8.1 did). This ID can be used by App develpers, Microsoft and of course advertising networks to send and show targeted ads to your screen (like Google and other advertisement companies does for browsers).


Windows 10 is spying you, Know How to stop it full guide



This feature is turned on by default, but you can disable it.


Here is how to disable apps and advertising companies spying on windows 10.

Go to Start > Settings > Privacy > General, and ensure that you disable “Let apps use my advertising ID for experiences across apps”.

If you are anti-advertising guy, you must click on “Manage my Microsoft advertising and other personalization info” at the bottom of the screen. You’ll be taken to a website where you can opt-out of both personalized ads in whatever browser you’re using, and personalized ads wherever you happen to be using your Microsoft Account from windows 10.


Windows 10 is spying you, Know How to stop it full guide



According to cortana documents

“To enable Cortana to provide personalized experiences and relevant suggestions, Microsoft collects and uses various types of data, such as your device location, data from your calendar, the apps you use, data from your emails and text messages, who you call, your contacts and how often you interact with them on your device.

“Cortana also learns about you by collecting data about how you use your device and other Microsoft services, such as your music, alarm settings, whether the lock screen is on, what you view and purchase, your browse and Bing search history, and more.”


Cortana is in competition with Apple’s SIRI and Google’s Google Now Service as well.

This personal assistant “cortana” will help you to find answers to questions (you can also tell it to sing song or lull bye), remember your appointments on time, and keep you update with news that you care about.

The terms of use above sound scary, but in order to help you to the fullest of its abilities, it’s only fair to assume that it needs to collect data about you right ?.


Windows 10 is spying you, Know How to stop it full guide



The important thing to realize about the service is that it is disabled when you run Windows 10 for the first time (by default it’ll only search the Internet and your computer for any information you request), and Cortana won’t respond to voice commands until you enable the feature.


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