Worlds first RoboPhone is coming: RoBoHoN know features

Worlds first RoboPhone is coming: RoBoHoN know features

it will be the most exciting gadget in 2016

RoboPhone is coming in to the market Exciting buy it ? here you go

Worlds first RoboPhone is coming: RoBoHoN

Sharp Corp. is now set to ship out android smartphone oh sorry RoboPhone- literally.

The Osaka-based electronics maker company said it would introduce a new mobile/Robot smartphone very soon 2016. it will be a tiny android robot, its not fixed that it will use Google android or not.

RoboPhone will come with all essential features like Call, Email, Internet connectivity, Camera and also 2-inch display.

With these features RoBoHoN is also hold some of best features like its eyes will work like Projector, it will hear your voice and take it as instructions or you can talk with it, YES!
Face detection is also include.
it will speak your messages remind you the tasks.
it can walk even can move other body parts.

other features of RoBoHoN are
“Motion Phone”, “Motion message”, “party mode”, “explore mode”, “R servo” “Robo Hong link”
“mind plan”

Sharp Named it RoBoHoN yes interesting name with interesting device.

Here is the Specification of first roboAndroid Device RoBoHoN:

Height/Weight about 19.5cm / 390G
OS: Android 5.0
CPU: Qualcomm ® Snapdragon ™
400 Processor 1.2GHz (quad-core)
built-in memory: ROM 16GB / RAM 2GB
battery capacity: 1,700mAh
continuous talk time (at rest):
3G : about 410 minutes / VoLTE: about 400 minutes
continuous standby time (at rest):
3G: about 220 hours / LTE: about 210 hours
of actual use time: more than one day * 1
display: about 2.0 inches QVGA
camera: about 8 million pixel CMOS
projector: HD (1,280 × 720 pixels) or equivalent
communication system * 2 : 3G / LTE
corresponding bands:
LTE: Band1 (2.0GHz), Band3 (1.7GHz), Band19 (800MHz)
3G: Band1 (2.0GHz), Band6 (800MHz), Band19 (800MHz)
VoLTE: ○
Wi-Fi ® : ○ (IEEE802.11B / G / N * 3 )
Bluetooth ® : ○ (4.0)
GPS: ○
sensor: 9 axes (acceleration 3-axis, earth’s axis care 3 axis, gyro 3-axis), the illuminance sensor
phone book registration number: up to 200
incoming and outgoing mail saved number: Up to 1,000

Sharp says about RoBoHoN:
It’s small. its a robot!
Talk to it, make a call, check email.
Take photos, do other things too.
Watch it do a little dance!

Little by little it learns.
Take it with you on the go.
The more it gets to know you,
the more attached you become to RoBoHoN.

Here is the Promotional Video of RoBoHoN:

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