This Year’s Best Selling Military Flashlight Worldwide

I know that only 6 months of this year have passed but with the market performances that this flashlight has I am very sure that it will still be the number 1 best selling flashlight in the world. If you are constantly following the flashlight trends, you probably know which flashlight I am going to reveal today but if you don’t know then the worldwide best selling flashlight for this year is the G700 military grade flashlight.

For just 6 months this flashlight has managed to crush its competition on the open market with 6 million units sold worldwide. The numbers speak for its high quality performances but I am still going to review the G700 flashlight because I believe that many people underestimate this extremely powerful flashlight.


Unique hardware technology

One of the things that made the G700 so popular in the flashlight industry is their unique hardware technology. The hardware was a big problem in the flashlight industry because it hasn’t been updated since 2005 and when compared with the progress that other industries made the flashlight technology was a very outdated technology on the market. It is sad that we had to wait until now for the flashlight industry to rise again but better now than never. The feature that was added on the G700 flashlight hardware was the led chips. Instead of using the outdated led diodes the engineers at Lumitact for the G700 invented the led chips. Because of the square surface of the body structure on led chips they are now able to fully transmit the entire lumen capacity of a flashlight.

Long lasting battery capacity

Since military flashlight is mostly used as outdoor equipment it is very important for a military flashlight to have a long lasting battery capacity. Before the realease of the G700 military grade flashlight there wasn’t a flashlight on the open market that can last more than 48 hours of constant work. With the integration of the unique led chip into the G700 hardware this flashlight is now capable of lasting 72 hours of constant work which is more than enough for you to feel comfortable in outdoor circumstances.

Rechargeable option

Every flashlight owner knows that buying 3 double-AAA batteries every month is an unwanted extra monthly expense. Maintaining a flashlight was one of the reasons that made every flashlight unattractive. The biggest advantage that the G700 military flashlight has over every other flashlight on the open market is the rechargeable option. If you buy a G700 flashlight you will no longer have to worry about maintaining it on a monthly basis, you only need to get batteries one time and you are set for the rest of your life.

Indestructible material

Most military flashlights are made so that they can be used in an open battlefield and for a flashlight to be used in open battlefield it has to own an indestructible material. This flashlight is made with an aircraft aluminum which is powerful enough to be durable in harsh conditions, high impact hits, water and much more.

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