No, Your galaxy phone battery is not spying you!!

No, Your galaxy phone’s battery is not spying you!!

No, Your galaxy phone's battery is not spying you


Is your Samsung battery is spying on you?

should you remove that tiny yellow chip from your battery?

These type of question people are thinking now after watching some videos in the internet.

Don’t Destroy your Battery after watching some bullshit videos that is viral these days in the internet and whatsapp. Your galaxy phone battery is not spying you

I got a video in that a stupid  fellow named “Fahad From Madina” (may be you found from other name)who is saying that your galaxy battery is spying on you. maybe you got so many videos like this.

“whatsapp is the fastest way to spread any fake information like this”

A video showing an NFC sticker (yellow sticker in galaxy battery) in smartphones has gone viral today, personally i found in many whatsapp and facebook groups.

They are telling that “A chip in Galaxy phone’s battery records every photo of yours and send it to Samsung so remove it.

So i want to clear you here that there is nothing like that no one is spying you. Actually that chip they are telling about is basically a NFC (Near Field Communication) that is for connectivity of your devices in the distance of typically 10 CM (3.9 inch) or less.

NFC antenna that may be or maynot be attached to your battery- is not stealing any kind of photos and videos from your phones.

We are not giving any kind of source for the video, because we don’t want to give them attention that they are already getting.

This Samsung Galaxy S4’s Battery is an NFC (Near Field Communication) Antenna. This small wire (yellow chip) is looped several times around in a square shape.

This fellow started this mad video about Galaxy battery’s Chip oops spying chip ;P wants to believe that he is rid his phone of spy hardware inserted for sending photos and other data to the internet (Although nothing like that).

NFC needs your device to be within 10CM or less of its target to activate (for connecting not for spying again) and even then it remains incapable of connecting to internet on its own.

So finally there is nothing to worry about that matter that some is stealing your data from that yellow chip on your Galaxy S4.

According to Wikipedia : Near field communication (NFC) is a set of ideas and technology that enables smartphones and other devices to establish radiocommunication with each other by touching the devices together or bringing them into proximity to a distance of typically 10 cm (3.9 in) or less.

Please share and inform to your friends and family “Your galaxy phone battery is not spying you” so that they will calm down and not destroy their battery after watching that stupid, mad video.


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