Your Guide to Shooting A Professional Level Video

A few years ago iPhone introduced a full grown technique in their phone to take professional videos. It was built with cool features and effects, to give you the perfect shot necessary. But yes, not everyone has an iPhone and most of us depend on video making techniques from camera. Buy yourself a tripod and get started.

Video Making Process – Step-by-Step

  1. The first and foremost thing to remember is building a script board. This is very common in films. The entire scene along with dialogues is written first. This ensures that you get an idea of how the story follows, you will know when to shoot, what kinds of emotions to use and many more. The entire Harry Potter film was made by creating a story board where they had sketched the entire film, for better understand. Accordingly the actors were briefed so that they could perform better.
  2. The next big thing that can come in handy is educating yourself on B-roll footage. Here is how it works. You have seen in commercials or films where they cut one scene and move to the next. This helps in showing any kind of footage that is not focused on the primary subject. Using this technique you can show the viewers a number of happy clients and customers. All tv advertising company use this technique for promoting a product.
  3. All of you are aware that lighting is an important element in photography and videography. Therefore, what you can do is, set up a camera’s white balance manually. In this process, basically you are telling the camera what a true white looks like. This prevents an over casting of colour on your images and shots. There are ways to do that, either refer to your camera’s instruction manual or ask a professional photographer to do that for you. In any case, it is not rocket science!
  4. Unless you are performing in the theatre, spotlighting your subject is also a bad idea. Traditionally wedding photographers in India, used this spotlight on the bride, hoping to get a bright image out of it. But it actually does the opposite and ruins your photograph or videos. Most tv production companies use clever spotlighting techniques to highlight certain part of the subject.
  5. As with images, sound and acoustics are also important. If you plan to make videos somewhere, first check the acoustic of that location. You should ensure the place doesn’t echo. It will create a lot of audio problems in your video. If possible then fix the problem, else change your location.
  6. Last and most importantly take multiple shoots. Just like we click several times on our selfies and check later which looks best. Here too, we need to take multiple shots and later edit those which doesn’t seem very good to us. You must not become over confident on your videography skill and think that one shot is enough to shoot the entire concept. This will ruin everything!
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